RUHS Fundraisers

Occasionally the Redondo Union high school cross country and track program have fundraisers for their program, they reach out to the community and we pass onto our Wave Runner families. Here are two they have going on right now.
1) Sole Generation Sharing the Run with Colombian Youth
Help us raise $800 to ship lightly-worn running shoes & athletic wear to youth in Colombia!

The RUHS Cross Country and Track Team has committed to sharing their love of running with young people in Colombia by starting Project Sole Generation and collecting lightly-worn shoes to send to Colombia. We have received over 450lbs of donated running shoes and shirts in great condition to send to youth in Colombia. Now we just have to get them there! We put this fundraiser together to help raise the funds, go to and check it out.
Share the Run by passing this on to family and friends!

2) This one is like their 4th of July fundraiser, We had Wave Runner families show their support and was part of helping raise $400 for the RUHS Cross Country, Track program. They thank you and greatly appreciated your support.

St. Patrick’s Day 5K Fundraiser flyer  St. Pat’s Track fundraiser 2014
RUHS has a chance to raise $2000 for their track and field program by following the steps outlined below.

1)      Visit
2)      Click on the St. Patrick’s Day Event Tile and click on “online registration”
3)      Join team “RUHS T&F Supporter ” – this is open to anyone wanting to sign up and support the RUHS T&F team like a friend or family member.
4)      Follow the prompts and sign up for the race.
5)      Village Runner will give the track and field program $5 per person that signs up under their team name (up to 400 people).
Please note that all signups must be done online prior to online registration close which is March 13th.

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