Wave Runnners Party -Track Meet Info

This week our track season will be coming to an end. It has been a very rewarding experience working with all the kids. Today is our last practice but we have two more Wave Runner events left for the kids.

1) Tomorrow (Thursday 05/29/2014) We will have our end of the season party. They kids will receive their participation certificates, we will serve pizza and congratulate Siena and Zoe as they will be going off to college. If any of our parents would like to send a little dessert or drinks you are more then welcome to. Jodi Stevens has already picked up the paper goods for us. There are about 50 kids on the roster, not sure how many will be able to make it. We will meet as normal after school at Parras, pizza will be served up in the lunch area. We will be done by 4:30.

2) This coming Saturday May 31 will be our last track meet at West High School. We have had a great turn out for the track meets lets do it again for our last track meet of the season!Wave Runners participating are to wear this seasons track team t-shirt, black shorts and good running shoes. If you don’t see your name below and plan on being there please click the register link below. By adding your athlete to the roster in advance is a big help to the coaches for planing events and especially the relay,

The following have registered for Saturday May 31st :
Tommy Andersen – Matthew Chong – Logan Haga – Nicholas Haga – Ford Hayes – Patrick Henry –  Ben Landry – Ben Tait – Cynthia Kerby – Isabella Landry – Kanon Mori – Hannah Meyerson – Stevey Williams

Wave Runner Club Members “ONLY” click REGISTER so we will have you on our meet roster.

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